Looking for the right business partner in central Europe?

We have the knowledge of the local markets, especially in Slovakia, Czech republic and others. Do you intend to set up a distribution network in countries located in the region of Central and Eastern Europe but you need assistance, localization services or local distribution partner? Send us your request as soon as possible.



Outsource your customer support for Slovakia, Czech republic for your business or ecommerce website directly to these countries for a lower cost and of high quality and local knowledge.


Localize your business or ecommerce solutions easy with us. Use local experts and our partners. We help you with translation, customer support, hiring, renting, local purchase, local company setup.

Business partnership

Looking for a local business partner, distribution partner or agent in order to expand your business in Central Europe? We find you the right one or for for selected products and services we can become your local partner.



Your local success is our project.

Did you know that there are 15 000 000 customers in Slovakia and Czech republic and growing number of them buy goods online?

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